Catholic Resistance

Contrary to the Sedevacantist claim – “You cannot recognize [as Pope the occupant who destroys the Church by his heretical words and actions] and resist [him] at the same time.”

Against the ‘Conservatives’ who only have #senseofthesacred preference for beauty and solemnity over the radical Theological deviation behind the ‘norm’ ‘(falsely so-called ‘#OrdinaryForm’) of the “New” ‘Catholic disOrder’ of ‘life’ – the “New” ‘liturgy’, the “New ‘Mass'” in particular – since Vatican II (1962-1965).

And to the confounding of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) who have already introduced, at their church in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines the novelty of reading or chanting immediately the Lesson and the Gospel of the Mass in the vernacular facing the congregation. They know very well that only the Pope is the final authority on Liturgical changes – well, NO, the Pope has no authority to introduce such populist innovation; it is a deviation from the Eternal Word Which alone is the basis of acceptability before God of what indeed is the grace-giving service of Him : in keep[ing] His ceremonies of Old (Deut. 26.17) and, more so, its fulfillment and perfection in the New (Heb. 9.11) – God speaks and instructs first His minister as with Moses of Old, not God directly addressing the congregation. Yet another sign of the Society swallowing the Novus Ordo of Vatican II it had vomited before (it is now the local ‘bishops’ – so with the approval of Bishop Fellay’s regime – who determine their ‘liturgy’)

7th August – Feasts of St. Albert – Confessor of the “Order of the Virgin [of Mount Carmel]” – and of St. Cajetan (see more, “Catholic Resistance, No Disobedience”)


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